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Sic'Em Research Overview

Current Researchers

David Jack, Ph.D. - Faculty Advisor
Maggie Benge - Undergrad/Grad Research Assistant
Ricardo Betancourt - Undergrad/Grad Research Asst.
Ben Lewis - Graduate Research Assistant
Morgan Goodwin - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Carlton Metcalf-Doetsch - Undergrad. Research Asst.
Sarah Stair - Graduate Research Assistant

Recent Graduates and Researchers

Babatunde Agboola - Master of Science, 2011
Nikhil Ashtekar - Master of Science, 2011
Haden Duke - Bachelor of Science, 2012
Matthew Hawkins - Visiting Research Scientist, 2012
Russell Mailen - Master of Science, 2012
William Minnie - Bachelor of Science, 2012
Theresa Vo - Master of Engineering, 2012
Cong Zhang - Master of Science, 2011

Facilities Available for Student Research

Agilent 34410A Digital Multimeter
Agilent E3646A Programmable DC Power Supply
Agilent DSO-X 2012A Oscilloscope
Bits from Bytes 3DTouch 3D Printer
Buehler - AutoMet 2000
Buehler - Isomet Low-speed Saw
Dell and HP Workstations
DSM X-Plore Injection Molding Machine
Imaging and Microscopes
Instron 3344 Tensile Test System
Intel i7-Generation 1 Workstations
Intel i7-Generation 2 Workstations
Intel Xeon Workstation
JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope
Leica Stereo Microscope
Malvern Gemini II Rotational Rheometer
Portable Educational Cluster - Generation 1
Portable Educational Cluster - Generation 2
Ross High Speed Mixer
TA Instruments Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TA Instruments Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
TA Instruments Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Tinius Olsen MP600 Meltflow Indexer
Toyo Seiki Ltd. D-H100 Automatic Densimeter
US Ultratek PCIUT3100 Ultrasonic System
Vacuum Asssited Laminate Composite Fabrication
Vulcan Furnace

List of Facilities Managed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Facilities Managed by Baylor University

Current Projects

Recent Projects

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