Dr. Enrique (Erik) Blair


Dr. Blair joined Baylor University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in August 2015 as an assistant professor. Dr. Blair also is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving as a submarine officer and as a military faculty member at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Dr. Blair completed his Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame, where he developed theory and models for power dissipation and quantum decoherence in energy-efficient, high-speed molecular computing devices known as Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA). His work includes modeling molecule-environment interactions by numerically solving Schrödinger’s equation or by using reduced dynamics (the Lindblad equation or the operator-sum equation). Results demonstrated that environmentally-driven quantum decoherence stabilizes QCA bits, and current work includes the modeling of field-driven electron transfer and power dissipation for clocked QCA molecules. New research interests include quantum, atomistic modeling of crystals and molecules, and machine learning.

Dr. Blair teaches courses on electrical circuits, quantum mechanics, quantum computing, and electronic communication systems.

Assistant Professor

Baylor University

Office: Rogers Hall, Suite 300 F

Phone: 254-710-3378

e-mail: Enrique_Blair@baylor.edu

Research interests: low-power computing, molecular computing, quantum-dot cellular automata,  open quantum systems, power dissipation, quantum decoherence, entropy, quantum information sciences, density functional theory, semiconductors, machine learning, MATLAB, and Python.