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Cong Zhang
Cong Zhang
Cong Zhang - Graduate Research Assistant
Cong Zhang is recently defended his M.S. thesis in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University and is currently a doctoral student at the Ohio State University in their Mechanical Engineering program. He accomplished his undergraduate study in Zhejiang University in China where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in polymer science and engineering. His recent during his studies at Baylor University focused on the modeling and simulation of flexible fiber motion and orientation in various flows, and expanding current modeling capabilities by formulating methods to predict the properties of flexible fiber-reinforced composites. His work will aid in the design of fiber-reinforced composites to tailor the manufacturing process to create the desired bulk material properties. His overall research interest dwells on representing physical process and phenomena in material processing and manufacturing with accurate mathematical models.  
Educational Background
  • Bachelors of Science – Polymer Science & Eng. Zhejiang Univ, June 2008.
  • Masters of Science - Mechanical Eng., Baylor University, Summer 2011.
  • Ph.D. - Ohio State University, Spring 2014 (Anticipated).
  • Discontinuous Long-Fiber Reinforced Composite Processing and Final Part Stiffness Predictions. C. Zhang and and D.A. Jack. Paper accepted for publication, Proceedings of the SPE's Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition (ACCE), Troy, Michigan, September 2012.
  • Flexible Fiber Waviness as a Role in Fiber Motion Simulation and Material Property Prediction. C. Zhang and D.A. Jack. Early Career Technical Conference, Fayetteville, Arkansas, March 2011.
  • Fiber Orientation for Suspensions of Long Fibers: Comparison of Rigid and Flexible Models. C. Zhang and D.A. Jack. Proceedings of the Society of Rheology's 82nd Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October, 2010.
  • Modeling of Flexible Fiber Motion and Orientation in Simple Shear Flow: A Comparison between Rod-Chain Model and Jeffery's Equation. C. Zhang and D.A. Jack. Proceedings of ASME IMECE'10, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November,2010.
  • Flexible Fiber Suspension Orientation Model Predictions: Comparison Between Rod-Chain Model and Classical Jeffery's Rigid Ellipsoid Model. C. Zhang and D.A. Jack. Early Career Technical Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 2010.
  • A humidity sensor based on interpenetrating polymer network prepared from poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) and poly(glycidyl methacrylate). Yang Li, Yousi Chen, Cong Zhang, Tianxiang Xue, Mujie Yang, Sensors and Actuators B 125 (2007) 131–137.
  • July 2007 – August 2007, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, Key Lab of Organic Solids, researcher, Synthesis of polymers for solar cells
Honors, Certificates, and Service
  • Associate Member Sigma Xi - Spring 2011.
  • ECTC Honorarium for participating in the 2011 District E Early Career Technical Conference.
  • September 2010, Travel Grant from 82nd SoR Conference.
  • ECTC Honorarium for participating in the 2010 District E Early Career Technical Conference
  • Successfully completed Linear Statics Normal Modes and Buckling Analysis MSC Nastran & Patran - Summer 2010
  • Successfully completed Ethics Short Course conducted by National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE) - Summer 2010
  • Baylor University, Annual Student Travel Award - Fall 2010
  • October 2007, Second-class Research & Innovation scholarship from Zhejiang University due to research publication on peer-reviewed journal
  • October 2007, Second-class Academic Excellence scholarship from Zhejiang University due to high GPA among all students in the same program
  • October 2007, Outstanding Student Leader honor from Zhejiang University due to excellent work in on-campus broadcasting station
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