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Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins - Visiting Research Scientist
Matthew visited Sic'em during the summer of 2012 between his Sophomore and Junior years as a student at Cedarville University, a top midwest Christian College in Ohio. Matt's research interests include the study of laminated composites in the construction of flight components. Matt has two years of experience on the Cedarville Aero Design team, and his team won 2nd place in a Western American Aero Design competition. Matt is particularly interested in exploring how video techniques can be utilized in analysis of structural properties of various composites and construction processes. He is also adept at "data mining" and interpreting patterns of data for in-depth analysis.

While visiting the Sic'em laboratory, Matthew developed methods to automatically and accurately measure the surface curvature of a carbon fiber laminate.  Laminated composites with non-symmetric stacks develop internal bending strains causing parts to lose dimensionality during the demolding process. Validating the predictive models derived by the Sic'em researchers is essential for industrial acceptance of the models. Once the foundations of laminate curvature can be predicted, researchers can effectively extend the constitutive models to quantify the internal stress state thus predicting accurately part failure loads of laminated composites. 
Educational Background and Awards
  • Bachelors of Science–Mechanical Engineering, Cedarville University, Winter 2013 (Anticipated)
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