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Haden Duke
Sic'em - Haden Duke
Haden Duke - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Haden Duke recently finished his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University and is currently pursuing his graduate degrees at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in their Mechanical Science and Engineering program. His research focused on quantifying the orientation, in-situ, of injection molded composites as part of the URC fiber microstructure project. He is focused on techniques for fabricated composites that can be used for both synthetic fibers such as fiber glass and carbon as well as natural material reinforcements. Haden also developed techniques for capturing the fiber motion of a dilute suspension within a sheared fluid. During his time as a researcher at Sic'em Haden developed techniques for sectioning of composites and imaging the resulting surface using the scanning electron microscope (SEM), that managed by Sic'em, for obtaining the fiber orientation of the processed composite. Haden developed algorithms to automatically analyze the resulting images for orientation, which will be used to validate the developed constitutive models for fiber motion within a dense suspension.
Educational Background and Awards
  • Bachelors of Science-Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University-Spring 2012.
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