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Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis - Graduate Research Assistant
Ben’s research interests include the processing and end-stage mechanical properties of plastic composite materials. His previous work was in understanding how the rheology of thermoplastics changes with the addition of a natural organic filler. In this research, the effects of moisture and thermal degradation, which are both prevalent in all organic fillers, on rheology were explored. This understanding is key to the proper processing of these fillers.

Ben’s current research includes exploring the accuracy of two of the common fiber orientation prediction models (Isotropic Rotary Diffusion Model and Anisotropic Rotary Diffusion Model) for fiber filled thermoplastics. This analysis will include taking the mechanical properties based on the fiber orientation prediction model and comparing them with experimental data. 
Educational Background and Awards
  • Bachelors of Science–Mechanical Eng, LaTourneau University, Spring 2011 
  • Masters of Science–Mechanical Eng, Baylor Univ., Spring 2013 (Anticipated)
  • Using Flexural Modulus Predictions to Evaluate the Accuracy of Existing Fiber Diffusion Models Predicting the Fiber Orientation in Fiber-Filled Thermoplastics. B. Lewis and D.A. Jack. SPE ANTEC'2013, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2013.
  • Determining Realistic Assumptions and Initials Conditions for Fiber Orientation Diffusion Models of Fiber-Filled Thermoplastics.  B. Lewis and D.A. Jack. ASME - Early Career Technical Conference, Tulsa Oklahoma, April 2013.
  • Comparison of Diffusion Models for Fiber-Fiber Interactions within Fiber-Filled Thermoplastics Using Bulk Mechanical Stiffness Results. B. Lewis and D.A. Jack. Proceedings of the Society of Rheology's 84th Annual Meeting, Pasadena, CA, February, 2013, podium presentation only.
  • The Effect of Coconut Shell Powder as a Functional Filler in Polypropylene During Compounding and Subsequent Molding. M. Kirby, B. Lewis, B. Peterson, W. Bradley. Proceedings of SPE Biomaterials Conference, Seattle, Washington,2012
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